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Our team includes highly skilled workmen, Forman, site manager, project managers and an amazing customer service team – all are ready to help you.

David Tilbury - Managing Director at London Builders

Years in business - 23 years

Accomplishments - Principal Director of Tilton Developments, London Builders & Diablo Estates Running a multifaceted construction firm – Managing a workforce of up to 60 people across a number of companies and subsidiaries. Responsible for recruitment, budgets and accounts, sourcing land for development and expanding rental and construction business.

Hobbies - Gym, Football & running my business

My burning desire - to build people's dream homes

Key to my success - being genuine, honest and keeping to my word

Something you might not know about me - I used to be a semi professional footballer.


Alpana Chakravarti - Branding & Sales Manager

Years in business – 22 years

Accomplishments – Making brands such as Pregnacare, Vitamins Direct and Maximuscle Number 1.

Hobbies – Being a #UnicornMama, Music, Cooking, Eating and Yoga!

My burning desire – To position London Builders as the most trusted end to end builders in the South East, renewing the trust in local builders holistically.

Key to my success – Knowing that the Truth of the Universe will always win.

Something you might not know about me – I met Alan Sugar when I was interviewing to be a candidate in for The Apprentice, over 15 years ago.