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Bathroom renovation in Muswell Hill, N10

The old bathroom was quite outdated, although still reasonably in good condition. Importantly it was quite a big room - a big bath, shower toilet and basin, chest of drawers fitted easily and there was quite a big floor space still available.

The bath tub, chest of drawers and decorative panelling are painted in the same brand paint colour. I would imagine it didn't come cheap, but it was worth it - this bathroom looks really consistent, all the fittings and colours match and fit in their spaces properly. The engineered wood flooring makes a sharp contrast which enhances the look of other finishes. There is one issue with this type of the flooring in the bathroom - it will require maintenance and care: no water puddles can be left on it. In that same property we also renovated their loft bathroom and replaced an immersion cylinder, water pump.

Project Details

Project costs: around £18000

Completion Date: January  2015

Duration: 3 weeks

Project type: Bathroom