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7 ideas for Lighting loft conversion

It is a great idea to turn your loft to a pretty functional room. However, it is never easy to light up your loft conversion to ensure that you’ve got a space that feels like home because of complicated slopes, beams and low ceiling. If you are struggling with this, why not check out 5 ways to brighten up your loft conversion

1.       Natural light
To get the natural light in the loft, there are two main ways to get more natural light for the loft conversion which are:
First, adding new windows or expanding your existing one following the slope of the roof- this way your loft conversion will be flooded with light.

Second solution is changing the structure of the roof, for example, with mansard or dormer loft, we can get more height inside the room. So, it will create the feeling of a spacy and bright place.

natural light.jpg

2.       Halogen bulbs
Halogen bulbs work based on using a filament enclosed in halogen gas to create light. Same as incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs produce a warm, bright light and turn to full brightness when the switch is on. They are great at colour rendering so, they are ideal if you need to have a good quality light which can help you to read fine.
Although this type of bulb is not as energy-efficient as other bulbs such as LED or CFL bulbs, halogen bulbs still use less energy than the traditional incandescent one.

halogen bulb 1.jpg

3.       Standing or Table lamps

Flexibility is the best advantage of lamps so, you can move them to the place where you need it the most.

Also, there are a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and designs of lamps. You can use lamps as decoration to make your room artful as well as bright.

table lamp 1.jpg


4.       Low energy light bulbs

Low energy light bulbs are becoming a modern trend in construction because these small and discreet bulbs fit prettily in narrow ceilings, along the beams or fitted into the slope.

table lamp.jpg


5.       Low ceiling light

If your loft has low ceilings, it doesn’t mean that a beautiful light can’t be fitted. Low ceiling lights can be set in the ceiling and not take up space of the room. The great news is there are variety options of beautiful flush ceiling lights available to match the decor of your loft space so you don’t need to sacrifice style for size.

low ceiling light.jpg


6.       Wall light

If you want to layer the lighting in your loft but are strapped for ceiling space, wall lights are the answer. On the walls, your decorative lighting can really come into its own, especially in dark corners or on walls that are low to the ground. Classic sconces can highlight important areas, such as a bed or a desk. You can install lights that fit flush against your wall or that cast light both up and down – all these options are great for creating that dramatic layering effect.

wall light 1.jpg

7.       Dimmer switch
With a dimmer switch, you have complete control over the brightness of the light. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where you might want to alter the mood when it takes you…