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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers a business if a customer or member of the public was to suffer a loss or injury because of its business activities. If a claim was raised, the insurance would cover the compensation payment plus any legal expenses incurred.

Why is Public Liability cover a good thing for our customers?

Even when a business does everything right there is always the chance of an accident happening. With the right insurance cover, a business can operate knowing that should the worst happen their property could be repaired, possessions replaced and medical costs paid for.

Our insurance covers you for up to £1,000,000.

Employers Liability    Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance policy protects employers from liabilities arising from disease, fatality or injury to employees resulting from workplace conditions or practises that arise from employees fulfilling their job role. A crucial part of running a business is having a solid employers’ liability insurance policy in place. If you employ people you’re legally obliged to take out this cover with a minimum cover of £5,000,000.  It will help you if an employee is injured or becomes seriously ill through working for you.

Mastercover Insurance

We also have a Master cover Insurance which protects and looks out for our customers if any issues arise, along with our employees and their welfare. We opted for the extra insurance policy to reassure customers, that we will promise to deliver what we agreed upon and if any unfortunate problems do arise, you will be fully protected.