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There can be nothing more frustrating than falling at the last hurdle and before you know it you are marketing a property all over again. One cause for this unfortunate scenario can be a Surveyors Report highlighting every flaw and every “defect” causing the Buyer to lose confidence and withdraw their offer. Let’s face it quite often the report paints a bleak picture at a time when the Buyer needs to keep a cool head and arrive at an informed decision.

That’s where we come in with our  Home Buyers Estimate Service, which provides the level of detail that often proves critical to the Buyer and which is  free of charge to independent Estate Agents.

Based on the Surveyor’s report and within two working days of our appointment we provide a detailed estimate of costs. And we can start work on the property immediately after completion which can resolve any retention issues which is often critical to the Buyer. So don’t lose that sale, just provide your Buyer with our Postcard and leave the rest to us. 

Once you have passed our postcard to your Client we will arrange to visit the property, determine a schedule of works and provide a fair market price estimate. We make a charge to the Client of just £150 for this service, once we are selected to carry out the work this charge is offset against the cost of the work. 

To subscribe to this free service simply fill out the form above OR contact us directly on:

020 8363 2403