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Choose a loft conversion than moving home

For most properties having a loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission. From 1st October 2011, new regulations came into force that meant permission from your local council was no longer required saving on average £1,000 per project for each homeowner looking at embarking on the work.

Because of this and the current uncertainty around our economy, many homeowners are choosing to opt for home improvements rather than move. This is not only helping to save them money on legal fees, estate agent fees and removals as well as, the stress encountered when moving home. Home improvement can also increase your home value by approximately 10%.

One of the main reasons people want to move is to gain additional space, this could be due to a growing family, change in working circumstances or simply an improvement in their financial situation.


How to convert your loft for maximum usable space

Once you’ve made the decision to stay put rather than move and before you engage with a building company, you need to have a clear idea of how you want to use the space. There’s not point investing in a new room if it doesn’t get used much.

Think about how you and your family currently use your home and how best to utilise the space available. If you are unsure or have a few different ideas a good architect or project manager will be able to talk through all of the options with you.

It can be difficult to visualise the finished space and so having it drawn out for you is not only vital in terms of planning and construction, but it can help you to see how you will use the room.


Some popular loft conversions:

Office Space

Extra bedrooms for the children

Master bedroom and en-suite bathroom

Play room or den for the kids to hang out in

You can pretty much use the space for whatever you want to!