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Want a reason to give your home a little something? Why not use Halloween?

Create an atmospheric touch to your home, all you need to do is…


Entry Archway- To build an arch for your home you can use inexpensive steel “rebar” that you can find at any home centre or a wooden archway, whichever you would prefer. You can create a smooth finish which will make your entry to your home more effective or paint the archway to show off your own individual style. Once you are happy with the build decorate the archway how you like and change your style by having themed décor and start of with Halloween, spooky webs, spiders, lanterns or pumpkins will be great for this season. For an everyday feel arbour enhancing-vines, flowers and lights will make your entry archway welcoming to your home.


Archway shelving unit – Incorporating a shelving storage for your home will create a great look and will give your home an extra individual twist. This will provide you the extra space you want to display any spine-chilling pieces, crafts and pictures to fit into this seasons theme. You have the chance to display and explore your creative side and appreciate the art you have created.

Extending your home- if you want to gather family and friends around or host parties in an intimate environment, building an extension to your house will benefit you in the present and the future. An extension will provide the extra space you may need and with an open-plan design it’s a great way to connect your living room to your extension to relax and have fun and will create value for your home. So be ready for next years Halloween party and give your guests the shock of their lives.


Basement Space- Have a mysterious basement that you don’t use? why not make the eerie space into an area of your choice. You can create external access which will not usually require planning per­mis­sion, although it’s worth checking your local authority’s policy on basements. All work must comply with the Building Regula­tions laid out in the Approved Document.