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A checklist to help you choose the right Building Company!

It’s a difficult and expensive decision.  The quotes need to be detailed to help avoid spiralling costs later in the project and there needs to be a full team of legal workers who are specialised in their specific area, rather than “Bob the Builder” from down the road doing it all.  With countless tales of cowboy builders taking advantage of desperate households keen to get their home modernisation project completed quickly, it can be a daunting time.  We understand.

Of course, you want builders who respect your home, are fully insured and can provide a complete solution, not leave your home in a state for you to ‘make-good’.

At London Builders, we provide the full team of builders who have one goal; to complete a job that the Building Regulators will sign off, so home owners can then enjoy their new living space straight away.

We are your “heavenly builders”.  Dedicated, highly skilled and we adhere to the detailed quote you agreed. 

It’s vital to find an experienced building company, with good customer service and offering a clear competitive rate.  To help you weed out the worms, here’s a simple checklist to help you select the best building company for your home modernisation project:



Here at London Builders, we always recommend getting at least 3 like-for-like quotes.  What does like-for-like mean?  A one man “Bob the Builder” type “company” will not cost as much as an experienced company with additional support, but they will take longer and not be able to solely focus on your job, as “Bob” must also do his accounts, provide other quotes and much more.  “Bob” also needs to go on holiday, so who looks after his job when he’s away?

We are a complete home modernisation solution.  Depending on our Clients requirements, we can assist with the planning of the build as well as planning of the kitchen.  We have a team of workers so should there be holiday’s or illnesses, we can easily cover the work required on your job.  Many clients ask us to manage the project and report back to them, as they simply don’t have the time. 

Ask us, and we will do.  Nothing is too much trouble.

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